During my previous visit to New York, I wanted to walk across Brooklyn Bridge and asked my brother.  Not even a second passed when he threw a “NO”

Things were different this time, it was on December 2019 BC-Before Corona…we were in chilly chilly New York.I expressed my desire to see the Bridge once again. This time he agreed since he had not seen the Bridge himself.

We decided to explore the city by foot, packed our bags and left!

You might probably be wondering why the Brooklyn Bridge?? What’s so special..

Well I am here to share with you something.

First of all, lets get the location clear. The Brooklyn bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn by spanning across the East River.

We took the train to the City Hall Station leaving us at the Manhattan Civic Centre.

We walked,walked and walked and after a couple of minutes we finally reached our destination.

This masterwork was designed by a German called John Augustus Roebling in 1883. Something interesting to know is that Roebling’s wife, Emily Warren provided guidance to the engineers and upon completion she rode the first carriage across the bridge carrying a rooster as a sign of victory.

Apparently the people of Brooklyn didn’t have trust in the bridge so it is told that a circus had to have their elephants cross it first to prove it is strong enough.

You can get some great views of Manhattan from the Bridge.

The bridge is just over a mile long. By foot, you’ll need about 30 minutes while going at a brisk pace, and up to an hour if you make stops for pictures and to enjoy the view (which you absolutely should)

Some paintings in the pedestrian walk way on the Brooklyn Bridge

And just like that, we finished the afternoon and reached where we started that day. Our little tour of the Brooklyn Bridge ended.

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