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Chocolate Chip Cookie-Step by Step guide

Here on the blog, I thought I would go back to a week full of my favorite cookie recipe for anyone else around the world who’s in the mood for some holiday cookie baking! These chocolate chip cookies in my cookie-loving opinion, are simply the best. So if you’re looking for a chocolate chip cookie …


A Brooklyn Bridge blog

During my previous visit to New York, I wanted to walk across Brooklyn Bridge and asked my brother.  Not even a second passed when he threw a “NO” Things were different this time, it was on December 2019 BC-Before Corona…we were in chilly chilly New York.I expressed my desire to see the Bridge once again. …


NEW YORK CITY 25.12.2019

Who would not want to spend Christmas in such a great city?It seems as though every great Christmas movie or memory of ours watching a show is somehow associated with NYC. To get started,when in NYC during holiday time you simply can’t miss hitting some of the iconic sights you’ve dreamed about. Sure, they will …