This is my BF( Bag forever, in case you were thinking). I bought this at a departmental store in Chicago for $15 and it’s worth EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR.

I take this bag to college daily. It’s the perfect size and fits everything I need it to. It’s also reversible.

To now what this blog is actually about…what’s in my bag! I am no celebrity but I just love watching these videos on YouTube. I hope it’s a little entertaining and you read it till the end!

This is a peek into what I actually carry everyday. So here goes…

Must Haves

  • Wallet with cash duh!
  • Keys..or at least a good wifi connection so you can sit out and use your phone.
  • Mobile phone.

Classroom essentials

  • Fancy notebook which you never end up using.
  • A calculator for your friends usage.
  • Two pens(please with INK).
  • A story book
  • A water bottle
  • Glasses

That’s all!! Besides the coin changes and n number of receipts lying at the bottom of my bag.

I hope I didn’t waste your four precious minutes!


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