In this Pondicherry food guide you’ll find four restaurants that I can guarantee will satisfy your taste buds.

Note: The four restaurants mentioned are in white town.

1. Les Saveurs

Location: 36, Dumas Street, Rue Dumas, White town , Puducherry.

Open hours :Monday-Sunday

8am-10:30 pm

The ambiance is nice and cosy with a small bar set up. Food is delicious and they serve decent portions. Polite and friendly staff.

I first ordered the pink sauce pasta which was incredibly nice! Plus, I was extremely hungry hence I finished it within minutes!!

Next I squeezed in some mashed potato!! This was probably one of the best mashed potato I’ve ever tried! You can taste the butter distinctly and it’s so rich and delicious.

Would highly recommend these two dishes.

2. Villa Shanti

Location: 14, Suffren street, White town, Puducherry

Open hours: Monday-Sunday

12 noon- 2:30 pm , 7:00 pm-10:30 pm

This place gives you such French vibes that you automatically fall in love with the place. Such a pretty and peaceful ambiance!

This place serves great Indian food as well so that’s a bonus point in case you miss your roti sabzi!

Also, walk in is very difficult as they have limited tables and the place is packed with people all the time. So prior reservations is recommended.

A complimentary dish was served in the beginning. Basically baguette along with butter and hummus.

Dal Makhni was the star dish of the evening. The taste was perfect with blend of all flavours.Ate every bit until our plates were clean.

We ate this along with Missi roti which is a roti made with gram flour. The combination was fantastic.

I would recommend this place with friends/family or a simple candlelight romantic dinner!

3. Coromandel cafe

Location: 8, Romain Rolland street, White town , Puducherry

Open hours :

Monday 8:30am -10:30 pm

Tuesday, Thursday-Sunday 8:30am -11:00pm

Wednesday 12:30pm -3:00 pm,6:30pm -10:00pm

Personally, this was my most favourite restaurant in the lot! I can’t explain in words how beautiful this place is. I guess no picture can do justice to this place. But I can try at least!!

We went to this place for breakfast. I had scrambled eggs with sourdough bread. I must say I was extremely sad when I finished because I absolutely loved it! Must must try!!! Trust me…you will love it!!

4. Sicily’s

Location: 56, Goubert Avenue, White town, Puducherry

Open hours:

Monday-Thursday 12:00 noon- 10:30 pm

Friday 12:00 noon- 11:00pm

Saturday 7:30 am- 12:00 pm

Sunday 7:30 am – 11:00 pm

This place is located right across the Promenade beach! You can have a beach facing meal which is quite a rare scene! I would recommend this place with friends as it has a very chill, fun and relaxing atmosphere!

My dish- BBQ cottage cheese steak

My friends dish-Spinach and Mushroom Ravioli

Both the dishes tasted well and we had a great time eating in this chilled out place!

This list is not exhaustive and were my personal favourites! I hope you give it a try too!!

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