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Walk up the Tirumala hills with me!!

I visit the Tirupati Temple often to seek the blessing of Lord Venkateshwara. There are different ways to reach the temple, either by the walking path or by travelling in a vehicle. I always prefer the walking path as it is like any trekking experience with bit of spirituality attached to it. Note: In this …


I met a Guy!!

Frustrated after getting rejected thrice, someone finally accepted me. His name was Ganesh. Please do not use your imagination, an Uber auto driver accepted my ride! Happily I got in the auto and mentioned my drop location. While traveling he asked me if I was a student and what I was studying. After answering, I …


What’s in my bag: College Edition

This is my BF( Bag forever, in case you were thinking). I bought this at a departmental store in Chicago for $15 and it’s worth EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR. I take this bag to college daily. It’s the perfect size and fits everything I need it to. It’s also reversible. To now what this blog is …


Must try restaurants in Pondicherry!

In this Pondicherry food guide you’ll find four restaurants that I can guarantee will satisfy your taste buds. Note: The four restaurants mentioned are in white town. 1. Les Saveurs Location: 36, Dumas Street, Rue Dumas, White town , Puducherry. Open hours :Monday-Sunday 8am-10:30 pm The ambiance is nice and cosy with a small bar set up. Food …