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8 ingredient cupcake in less than 35 mins[NO WHITES,EGGLESS]

It’s that one bite which instantly makes you smile and also makes you run that extra mile. Who does not love cupcakes? It’s bright,cheerful and full of colors!! Now that summer is’s all about happiness and enjoyment. I made this recipe and guess what it turned out well!! So,Let’s get started!! MAANASA’S CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES …


Must try restaurants in Pondicherry!

In this Pondicherry food guide you’ll find four restaurants that I can guarantee will satisfy your taste buds. Note: The four restaurants mentioned are in white town. 1. Les Saveurs Location: 36, Dumas Street, Rue Dumas, White town , Puducherry. Open hours :Monday-Sunday 8am-10:30 pm The ambiance is nice and cosy with a small bar set up. Food …